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AEH102 - TARGUS AUDIO HEADSET WIRED STEREO Over-ear design Plug and Play Soft touch ear pads for all day comfort

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Targus® Wired Stereo Headset

Targus® Wired Stereo Headset (AEH102TT) provides enhanced stereo sound, volume control, and soft touch comfort for all day wear. Dual soft-touch earpieces, an adjustable padded headband, and optimized stereo sound, the Targus® Wired Stereo Headset offers a comfortable, secure fit for all day wear.

Connect your next call with the Targus® Wired Stereo Headset and help increase productivity and comfortability without cradling a phone or fussing with the muffled sound of your laptop microphone. Whether you’re videoconferencing with the department or collaborating with a co-worker, taking calls with a headset allows you to use your computer, take notes, or multi-task if necessary.

With an adjustable padded headband and soft touch ear pads, this headset offers a comfortable, secure fit for all day wear. The rotatable, omni-directional boom microphone allows you to find optimal mic placement to provide clear sound quality for your listener and the dual over-ear speakers enhance incoming sound while helping block out the noise around you. Equipped with noise-canceling technology, this headset filters ambient noise and provides better speech clarity. And this stereo headset isn’t just for calls, it can be used to listen to music for a full immersion experience at work or at play. Bonus: Volume control is built right into the cord so there’s no need to take your headset off to adjust the sound.

All Day Comfort
The on-ear design paired with soft touch ear pads provide wearable comfort all day. Lightweight and comfortable, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

In-Line Controls
Pump up the volume (or turn it down) without taking off your headset. The buttons are conveniently built into the cord, so you can make quick sound adjustments at your fingertips.

Optimized Stereo Sound with Noise-Canceling Technology
Unlike the typical single earpiece mono headset, the Targus® Wired Stereo Headset has two earpieces so both of your ears are covered. Need to focus on a task at hand or listen sharply to that video presentation? The dual earpieces use noise-canceling technology to help filter ambient sound and block out surrounding noise too.

• 6 ft. wired USB-A connection
• Rotatable, omni-directional boom microphone for left or right use
• Noise-canceling technology
• Adjustable, padded headband
• Over-ear design
• Soft touch ear pads for all day comfort
• In-line volume controls
• Plug and Play compatibility with Windows®, macOS™, and Chrome OS™
• 2-year limited warranty