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Lenovo IDEAPAD 530S-14ARR 530S-14IKB 530S-15IKB L17C4PB0 L17M4PB0 FLEX 6-14 Series Laptop Battery

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Different manufacturers,
The goods will be different,
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Li-ion Cell Battery
100% NEW!!!
3 Months Warranty

Product Descriptions:
If you are looking for best replacement batteries for your laptop, you have come to the right place.We can provide the products with higher quality at reasonable prices and the highest level of service. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Undergone comprehensive quality testing throughout the manufacturing and assembly process. Utilize state of the art printed circuit board (PCB) design to provide stable and safe performance.Batteries are in high grade quality and certified by CE and RoHS.

Part Numbers:

Fit Laptop Models:
Air 14
Flex 6-14
Flex 6-14ARR
Flex 6-14IKB
IdeaPad 530s-14IKB
Ideapad 530S-15IKB
IdeaPad 530S-15IKB (81EV)
IdeaPad 530S-15IKB (81EV0039GE)
IdeaPad 530S-15IKB (81EV003AGE)
IdeaPad 530S-15IKB (81EV003BGE)
IdeaPad 530S-15IKB (81EV003KGE)
xiaoxin Air 14
xiaoxin Air 15
Yoga 530
Yoga 530-14
Yoga 530-14ARR
Yoga 530-14ARR-81H9000VGE
Yoga 530-14IKB
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK000YGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK005PGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK0074GE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CKGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CLGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CTGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CWGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CXGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CYGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00DGGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00FYSP
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00G6MZ
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00G7MZ
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00HNGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00JMGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LKGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LLGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LMGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LNGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LP
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LPGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00MLMZ
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00NMGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00R1GE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00TM
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00TMGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00TNGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00U1
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00UPGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00UQGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00W4GE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00W5GE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00W6GE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00WE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00XM
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00XN
Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00XQ
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9000U
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9000VGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9000WGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9001M
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H90027
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H90028GE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9003DGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9003VGE
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9005F
Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9006N