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Thrustmaster TCA QUADRANT ADD ON AIRBUS Edition PC Expand your TCA Quadrant flight controls

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Complementary modules for Thrustmaster TCA quadrant Airbus Edition (sold separately), with 15 functions (Buttons and levers) inspired by Airbus
Flaps management and speed brake management functions for enhanced lift control during flight sessions
Iconic airbus controls including trim, landing Gear, autobrake, rudder trim and parking brake, for total immersion
2 axes with magnetic Sensors, 10 programmable Buttons, 5 virtual Buttons and 10 non-slip feet for enhanced stability on a table or desk
Compatible with the Thrustmaster Flight Rudder Pedals (TFRP) and Thrustmaster pendular rudder (TPR) pedal sets (sold separately)

About the product:

Thrustmaster is pleased to offer a truly worthy companion for the TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition (sold separately), also officially licensed by Airbus: the TCA Quadrant Add-On Airbus Edition. Using this add-on in conjunction with the original throttle quadrant allows for the most immersive flight experience possible — thanks to 15 legendary functions in the world of commercial aviation, inspired by Airbus.

Gamers will also enjoy smooth axes, for realistic sensations similar to those experienced by pilots of general aviation aircraft.

During takeoff, in flight and when preparing for landings, you can adjust the configuration of your flaps and speed brakes for optimal lift control. Manage your landing gear intuitively and realistically, and use the parking brake so that you’re ready for any situation.

The TCA Quadrant Add-On Airbus Edition features Thrustmaster’s famous proprietary H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system, providing gamers with incredibly realistic sensations thanks to magnetic sensors allowing for up to 16-bit resolution.

This magnetic sensor-based technology, with no contact or potentiometers, also allows for an unlimited product lifespan.

This product is compatible with PC (Windows 10, 8).

2 modules: flaps and speed brake
2 x Thrustmaster SATA cables
4 x link connectors
Quick start guide and user manual, with warranty information

VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4zRLN8eJSQ&t=4s